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Empowering Yourself Through Personalised Learning and Enjoyable Education

With highly trained educators, students are encouraged to learn new skills and gain knowledges at their own comfortable pace. Learning should be fun. Respond to your natural curiosities that exist in all humans. Pick up a new hobby today!  

Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing, Music & Movement…

Programmes available for children and adults from 3 years old and above!

Be confident, be expressive, be a team member, be a leader…

Kids Creative Drama Classes available for children who are 4 – 12 years old!

Parents are always the best teacher their children could have…

Programmes are designed for families with Baby as young as 0 years old!

Learn Chinese Language, Story Telling and Writing Skill, Public Speaking…

Programmes available for children and adults from 4 years old and above!

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  • Communication ·

Chinese Communication Class Level 1 – 小小演说家

Little Play Space Class Kids Creative Class
  • Drama ·

Kids Creative Drama

By attending Kids Creative Drama Class, children can simultaneously play and learn through fun and creative games. This will in turn enhance their sensory and body development and stimulate their…
Kindermusik At Little Play Space
  • Parenting ·

Kindermusik at Little Play Space

For three generations, Kindermusik has helped millions of children around the world build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.  Using research-based musical curricula, we engage your child’s mind…
Little Play Space Kindermusik
  • Parenting ·

Kindermusik Foundations

Foundations classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment where infants and young toddlers can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, objects, and movements. Your educator will teach…
Little Play Space Kindermusik Level 2
  • Parenting ·

Kindermusik Level 2

Kindermusik Level 2 encourages your child to be creative, to initiate her own ideas and to respond in her own ways, while your active participation gives her the security she…
  • Music ·

Kindermusik Level 3

Kindermusik Level 3 taps into your preschooler’s creative spirit and boundless energy and focuses on developing his learning strengths and self-confidence so he’ll be ready for school, prepared for future…
  • Music ·

Kindermusik Level 4

Kindermusik Level 4 is designed to prepare the young child who is eager for first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery but is not yet ready for formal individual…
  • Music ·

Kindermusik Level 5

Kindermusik Level 5 is designed to prepare the young child who is eager for first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery but is not yet ready for formal individual…
Little Play Space Class Personalised Piano Class
  • Music ·

Personalised Piano Lesson

We think learning music should be fun and stress-free. Therefore, we do not teach the students so they can sit for every piano examination. Instead, we are trying our best…
Little Play Space Ukulele / Guitar Sing-Along
  • Music ·

Ukulele / Guitar Sing-Along

Both Ukulele and Guitar are portable instruments you can easily bring them to most of the occasions. In Little Play Space, singing training is included in the Ukulele or Guitar…


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

- Plato
Athenian philosopher, founder of
the Platonist school of thought and the Academy

If you do a search on google for “The Benefit of Music”, you’ll see a list of results that will amaze you. Music is good for brain development and increases productivity. It has a healing effect and it bring people together. No one should live in a dull world with no music. Come make some music with us! Please check out the available courses below and ask us for more information.

Little Play Space Piano Class
Little Play Space Kids Creative Drama Class


All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

- William Shakespeare
English poet, playwright and actor

Just like the music & movement classes available in our centre, the Kids Creative Drama Classes is a programme that focuses on the whole child development. Kids will learn how to be a team player, and at the same time, build the confidence to stand under the limelight. This is a great opportunity for the kids to be a kid again without worrying all the home works, their test result, and free to speak their mind, put their wild imagination into realisation via a stage play. 


Do not tell them how to do it. Show them how to do it and do not say a word. If you tell them, they will watch your lips move. If you show them, they will want to do it themselves.

- Maria Montessori
Italian physician and educator

Parenting is super challenging yet so the most rewarding job in the world. We want to give our children the best we could. Sometimes we might have doubt, we might have second thought. By the end of day, we realise that, LOVE is all the kids really need. How can we let me know we love them? Join these research based programme and explore the wonderful world with your little ones.

Little Play Space Parenting
Little Play Space Communication


Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.
- Brian Tracy
Canadian-American motivational public speaker
and self-development author

Every human being is constantly trying to communicate with each other. Some are so effective but some have chosen alternative way. Students will be introduced to words that will eventually helped them in better communication, the way to write interesting stories and articles, how to present their ideas and most importantly, how to thinking critically. Story telling, public speaking, debates will be introduce to older students who can speak the language fluently. On top of that, every lesson will be filled with fun challenges!

Little Play Space Popeye

Little bit about

Little Play Space

Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang

We are living in a highly competitive world. Even kids in the primary schools are stressing out with much too much homework. We can be your little hideout space where you can come and play music, have fun in a drama class, learn how to communicate creatively, or even write yourself a romantic story that you always wanted to. This is a space where you can let go of all your worries, just play.

  • So far a very good experience. My 3 year old is enrolled for step 2. The class content is helping my kid to learn alot. Ms Pavithra is doing a great job. A very friendly teacher, always put a great effort to deliver the content.

    Tooba Irfan
  • Great learning environment for kids with talented and experience teachers. The events organized by Little Play Space is fun and unique. It will be truly a great learning place with fun environment for kids and now even for our little baby as now it offers Kindermusic class for baby as well!

    Kelvin Kong
  • Excellent place for children to cultivate social skills, refine discipline, enhance focus & concentration and brain simulation. Lots of exiciting events in the line as well. My daugther loves to participate in performances. Keep it up!

    Kuo Ming Woo
  • A good place for kids to learn music. They also have good kindermusik program conducted by nice caring teacher.

  • i rented "little play space" multi-purpose room for two events and it was clean and the staffs are very helpful. highly recommended.

    Kam LiSuang