Kids Creative Drama

By attending Children can simultaneously play and learn through fun and creative games. This will in turn enhance their sensory and body development and stimulate their creativity. Also, through such methods of open education, children are able to listen and be listened to while they interact and learn, therefore further propelling them to a more complete and wholesome journey of self-exploration.


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Available Time Slot 上课时段

Day of Week Time Age Group Class Capacity
Saturday 03:30pm - 04:30pm 5 - 7 YO 12
Saturday 04:30pm - 05:30pm 8 - 12 YO 12

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who should attend the Kids Creative Drama Class?

Outspoken, shy, active, introvert… any types of kids can benefit from this whole child development class.

Q. Do you have Kids Creative Drama Class in morning session?

According to experts, kids’ brain work best in the morning with best focus ability. In the afternoon, kids will need more physical activities to boost their learning ability. That’s the reason why they should attend the class like Kids’ Creative Drama class in the afternoon.

Q. I don’t want my kid to be an actor in future. Why should I enrol him/her in Kids Creative Drama Class?

Researchers followed a large and diverse sample of pre-school children until they completed sixth, seventh and eighth grade; 40 percent of students took some kind of art elective course (music, dance, drama, visual art) during middle school.

Interestingly, through this decade-long study, they found that students who were exposed to an arts elective in middle school “had significantly higher GPAs and math and reading scores, and decreased odds of school suspension, compared to students not exposed to the arts”.

Click here for further information:
Can an arts education in school improve academic performance?


问. 什么样的孩子适合参与儿童创意戏剧课?


问. 儿童创意戏剧课有没有早上的上课时段?


问. 我没有打算让孩子当演员,有必要让他上儿童创意戏剧课吗?

据哈佛校报《The Harvard Crimson》对新生的调查显示,他们都很热衷参与不同的课外活动。其中,參加音乐俱乐部或者玩乐队佔36.5%,參加戏剧表演的佔19.3%,也就是说几乎每五个哈佛新生里面,就有一个是有戏剧表演经验的。

SAT官方考试机构美国大学理事会(College Board)的资料显示,SAT考试中,热衷艺术学习的学生比很少参与艺术学习的学生总分高近100分。


Fees 费用

Class Fee 学费: RM300/term 学期
Session 课数: 10/term 学期

Fees are collected in termly basic. One Time Family Registration Fee RM150.
Every family member will get 1 free trial session (30min) for every new course.

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