03-08-2019 (Sat)

孩子与管教 – 心得分享会
Child and Discipline – Parents’ Sharing Session

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  • 孩子与管教 – 心得分享会
    Child and Discipline – Parents’ Sharing Session


All parents intend to provide the best for their children. However, being extremely rigorous or overindulgence is always an endless debate for centuries. How should you discipline your children? How do you educate your children? Or do you even care… Join us on our sharing session with our facilitator to find out how we are different or similar to each other! Higher qualification doesn’t make you into an outstanding person, but life experience does.

Age Group
03-08-2019 (Sat)
2pm – 4pm
2A-2, Tingkat Kenari, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang Malaysia
免费 FOC (只限10人 Limited to 10 parents only)

分享会宗旨 通过每个人独特的生活经验,增加知识,学习接纳各个不同领域的价值观。用另一个角度去欣赏这个世界。生命也许就此而更完善,更有意义。


  • 孩子的概念。孩子是什么来的?!懊恼吗…
  • 管教的意义。不管教可以吗?
  • 家教=管教?还是好的学校就是好的管教?这是谁的工作啊?
  • 文化是什么?
  • 文化对整个社会体系的影响
  • 我的文化在哪里?
  • 什么事光谱概念?光谱和孩子什么关系?


Goal of Sharing Session To learn, and to accept values from different realm. Life may be more meaningful and complete when we view and appreciate the world from another perspective.  

Topic of Interest

  • The concept of “Child”. What are children?! Have you ever confused…
  • The meaning of discipline. Is discipline a must or neglectable?
  • Upbringing = discipline? Or a good school = good discipline? Who is responsible?
  • What is culture?
  • How does culture impact our social system
  • Where is my culture? Where I sit?
  • What is the concept of spectrum? What is the relationship between spectrum and children?

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